The San Francisco Christadelphians are a very warm and welcoming group of Bible believers who invite you to join us for Sunday worship services, Bible Classes or even just a friendly chat over coffee.

In we meet weekly both at our hall at 1536 James Ave, Redwood City, CA 94062, and over Zoom.

If you would like the link to our Zoom session, please check our schedule, or ask for it via our contact form.

To attend in-person, simply show up at our hall at the appropriate time on Sunday mornings (9:30 AM Sunday School, 11 AM Memorial Service).  For a full visitor guide, including our current COVID-19 masking policy, see First-time visitor guide

Click here for directions to our hall
Click here to see our weekly schedule

If the San Francisco Peninsula ecclesia meets in a location that is inconvenient for you, there are a variety of other ecclesias in Northern California that might be more convenient.

As well, if you’re interested in receiving Christadelphian literature on biblical topics, call the following number anywhere in California to request it: 1-800-862-7873