Weekend with the Word

Lord willing, the ecclesia in Redwood City (San Francisco Peninsula) will be holding its Weekend-with-the-Word March 25 and 26 at our ecclesial hall.

Brother Richard Morgan will be speaking on the following:

The Mother of All Living

We will be looking at the creation of Eve and why God made human beings in his image and likeness both male and female. What did it mean for the first woman to be in the image of God? Which particular attributes of God was Eve especially designed for? How does all this relate to the role of women?

The classes (3) will start at 1:30 PM on Saturday, to be followed by dinner at the hall. (If you arrive a bit early in the afternoon please join us for some refreshments.)

Sunday School will start at 9:30 AM, with a half hour coffee break before the start of our Sunday Service at 11 – this will be followed by a potluck lunch (provided by the Redwood City -SFP- Ecclesia).

If possible, would you please inform Sister Dolores Sleeper if you plan to attend any, or both, of these meals by March 19, so she can plan accordingly.

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