Thank you Neighborhood!

To our Friends and Neighbours of the Redwood City Community!

Together we gathered an amazing total of 585 pounds of Non-Perishable Food and other needed household necessities together!! What an amazing effort and contribution you have helped towards giving to those who are in need of food security, especially before the festive holiday period! More families could come together and enjoy a nourishing meal thanks to YOU!

What we ALL did:

11th Dec: our Young At Heart group hand delivered a reusable bag and note asking for assistance in donating to our local community through the Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.
17th Dec: You had the bags full of items to donate for us to collect or dropped them off at our hall. Our YAH group split into groups and collected the bags you all had put out for collection. Our hearts lifted and big smiles covered their faces when on so many doorsteps, we could see the bag waiting to be picked up, full! We are so thankful to you all for your combined efforts in giving! We’re sure there were many thankful prayers from those who received these generous donations!
20th Dec: Donations dropped off.

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